Phoenix IIIRoss Lillistone's beautiful Phoenix III beach cruiser.


Centreboard Marine is a curious commercial animal: we're not just about making a profit!

Although we're very focused on ensuring the maximum availability possible for our excellent range of products, we also have another agenda which isn't to do with making money: we want to help revitalize the noble business of messing about in (small) boats.

On this website you'll find plenty of products for sale (the list will grow substantially over the coming months), but you will also find a treasure trove of information about the whole glorious world of small boats. We have a strong interest in light sailing boats - as our name suggests - but we're also here to stimulate and reflect interest, wherever it lies.

Centreboard Marine is a new enterprise, and currently operates as a division of well-established scientific and industrial products supplier Pure Science Ltd.

Our website is our main mechanism for publicising and selling our products. Currently we don't use it to handle transactions, although we will develop that facility later. We accept Visa and Mastercard credit cards.

Australian customers: most of our products will be available in Australia in the near future.

Welcome aboard, and we look forward to hearing from many of you over the coming years!


Centreboard Marine (a division of Pure Science Ltd)

Porirua 5022

Wellington, New Zealand

Phone: +64 (04) 233 6308

Mobile: +64 (021) 396 417


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